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About Louise

Louise Knepscheld is an internationally acclaimed Art Director and Production Designer based in Cape Town, South Africa, renowned for her craftsmanship and refined artistic sensibility in commercial, TV, and film production design.

From high-profile collaborations to intricate smaller projects, Louise consistently showcases resourcefulness and an unwavering commitment to detail, infusing every project with her infectious energy, enthusiasm, and passion.

Over the years, Louise has garnered numerous awards, including most recently the Cannes Lions Silver Award for Film Craft in 2019. Her commitment to purpose-driven design and efficiency shines through, making her a sought-after professional in the industry.

Embarking on her career journey, she swiftly gained recognition, and in 2002, Louise was honoured as one of the world’s top three Art Directors in the prestigious ‘Legends of Production Edition’ by International Campaign Screen Magazine, a publication released for the Cannes Film Festival.

Louise has partnered with renowned directors like Canadian Mark Zibert, The Tao brothers, and Kay Kienzler, and works on many international service projects filmed in South Africa. Her true love lies with bringing local projects to life, big or small.


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